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Gratis reiscertificaat
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Internationaal Reiscertificaat in het Engels met QRCode

Wereldwijd geaccepteerd voor PCR
RIVM en ISO gecertificeerd Laboratorium

2 locaties bij Westeinde en Zonweg in Den Haag
Tijdelijke actie!
Antigeentest 35€
Uitslag sneltest na 15 minuten
RIVM goedgekeurde test
Gratis Reiscertificaat in het Engels
Meerdere locaties in Den Haag
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Een kliniek en géén teststraat Bij ons test u Veilig, Snel en Comfortabel.
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Kinderen zijn bij ons van harte welkom, onze gecertificeerde testers passen zich aan voor uw kind.

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Most frequently chosen

Antigentest - Rapid test

  • Results after 15 minutes
  • Free travel certificate in English
  • Valid for Bulgaria, Denmark, Germany, France, Italy, Poland, Surinam, Slovakia, Spain, Turkey, UK, USA and Sweden
  • Sent by a secured email
  • Specificity 99,4% and Sensitivity 98,2% at CT ≤33
  • RIVM and CE approved Antigen Rapidtest


Most beneficial option


  • Result the same day or the next day
  • Urgent PCR Test +20,- guaranteed result the same day
  • Free international travel certificate in English with QR-CODE
  • Worldwide accepted and sent by a secured email
  • RIVM validated and ISO certified laboratory


Most comfortable choice

Saliva PCR Test

  • Results the same or next day
  • No nose of throat swab only saliva
  • Free international travel certificate in English with QR-CODE
  • Worldwide accepted and sent by a secured email
  • RIVM validated and ISO certified laboratory


Urgent PCR-test in The Hague for your trip abroad

Covid-19 Kliniek in The Hague has a special Urgent PCR-test department for people and travelers who want their test results and certificate guaranteed the same day.

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Covid-19 kliniek has extended opening hours, has sufficient parking spaces and is located in a central location in The Hague, which is quickly accessible via the highway. Covid-19 Kliniek is the ideal PCR Test location for clients from The Hague, Rijswijk, Voorburg, Leidschendam, Delft, Zoetermeer, Pijnacker, Nootdorp, Wateringen and surrounding places.

International Travel Certificate for your trip abroad

For traveling abroad you need an International Travel Certificate (Non Covid-19 Statement) with a Negative Test Result of a PCR Test or Antigen Test - Rapid Test. Are you travelling abroad and do you need a PCR-test result and a travel certificate?

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The International Travel Certificate that Covid-19 Kliniek provides is in English, recognized by the RIVM and accepted worldwide. You are guaranteed to travel with the certificate without any issues. Start your test request by clicking on a country below. After that you can view our information page and immediately schedule your appointment.

I want to know if I am infected. Which test should I do?

Antigen Rapidtest

I have symptoms that fit COVID-19

With the Corona Antigentest you will know after 15 minutes whether you are infected with the COVID-19 Virus or not. So you can take the required measures.

More information Rapid test


I have minor complaints and want certainty

The PCR-test has a high test sensitivity that detects the virus in people who still carry very few virus particles.

More info PCR-test


Urgent PCR-Test guaranteed results the same day. Result Antigen Rapid test after 15 minutes.

Official travel certificate

International Travel certificate – Non Covid-19 Statement in English sent via Secure Email.


The PCR-Test is analyzed by a
RIVM certified ISO laboratory.


Safe and Comfortable testing within 5 minutes by certified nurses and experts.


Near The Hague Central Station, along the A12 highway in the direction of The Hague – exit 4 Voorburg with parking spaces in front of the door.

How does it work?


Make an Appointment

You can easily make an appointment via our website and you will receive a confirmation by e-mail containing your QR-Code.

At the counter

During your appointment your details will be checked. Bring your passport and QR Code from your email to the appointment!


You will be tested safely and comfortably within 5 minutes by our certified nurses and experts.


You will receive your results in your e-mail.