PCR Test for Travel to Pakistan | Cheapest PCR Test in The Hague for Pakistan

PCR test travel to Pakistan - Delivery in The Hague

Which test do I need to travel to Pakistan?

PCR test + International Travel Certificate (Non Covid-19 statement)
Saliva PCR test with travel certificate 89,-
PCR test with travel certificate 79,-,-
Urgent PCR test with travel certificate129,-
Result + Travel Certificate
  • PCR test: Tested before 14:00 result the same day before 22:00 tested after 14:00 result the next day before 15:00
  • Saliva PCR test: Tested before 14:00 result the same day before 22:00, tested after 14:00 result the next day before 15:00
  • Urgent PCR: Within 45 minutes
  • International Travel Certificate (Non-Covid 19 Statement) in English, which is not older than 72 hours to enter
    Children from 12 years must be tested.

    How do I make an appointment?

    Click on “make an appointment” and fill in your details. You will receive a confirmation email from us with instructions about your visit to Covid-19 Kliniek in The Hague – Voorburg.

    PLEASE NOTE: Bring your passport or identity card (identification with which you are going to travel) and email confirmation with QR-Code to the appointment!

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    Which test do I need to travel to Pakistan?

    A PCR Test with Travel Certificate is required to enter Pakistan. If your result for this test is negative, you will receive an International Travel Certificate. The result must not be older than 72 hours to enter the country.

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    Payment method

    With an online reservation you can pay via iDeal, Credit card, Paypal, Bancontact, Giropay, EPS or Przelewey. With a telephone reservation you can pay via PIN, Credit card (Visa, Vpay, American Express, Maestro, Mastercard, Google Pay, Apple pay) or Cash (appropriate). You can make this reservation by calling +31 70 311 4909.

    The results

    PCR Test for Pakistan

    The swabs taken at Covid-19 Kliniek in The Hague are sent to a RIVM-certified ISO laboratory for examination. This has recently increased its test capacity, so that we can use the Saliva PCR test to determine your result Before 2:00 PM tested result the same day before 10:00 PM, after 2:00 PM tested result the next day before 3:00 PM. You will receive your International Travel Certificate together with the result.

    The International Travel Certificate (in English) is RIVM approved and Internationally accepted.

    The situation regarding covid testing in Pakistan may change. Different countries have different rules regarding validity, type of test and travel certificate. Therefore, read the regulations of the country you are traveling to carefully.

    How does the test work?

    Swab throat

    A swab is taken from the throat with a special cotton swab

    Swab nose

    A swab is taken from the nose with another special cotton swab

    Sample material

    The swabs are placed together in a sample tube with a special liquid


    Polymerase Chain Reaction Technique (Rt-PCR) analysis on SARS-CoV-2 virus in the lab

    Result & travel certificate

    Following your test time you will receive the same or the next day result (and International Travel Certificate)

    PCR stands for polymerase chain reaction. It is a technique that is used to exactly copy one or more parts of DNA from a small amount of specific DNA until the amount is large for an accurate DNA analysis. If a person is infected with the Covid-19 Virus, this virus is also greatly multiplied, so that it can be determined with a high reliability whether this person is infected. The PCR test has a high test sensitivity, so the presence of the Covid-19 virus is also determined in a person who still carries few virus particles, which is why it is now the most used and reliable test. Our healthcare professionals ensure that the sampling is done accurately, safely and comfortably. All tests are performed by a team of certified nurses and experts from the Covid-19 Clinic. Your nose is a very sensitive part of the body that can be easily damaged if the sample is not collected accurately and safely.


    The Travel Certificate is internationally approved and in English.

    This will be sent to you by secure e-mail.

    You can print the Travel Certificate before you travel.

    We are happy to inform you which test you need for your travel destination. The rules change regularly per country and per moment Always check this carefully before you leave. Are you in doubt? Please contact us so that we may be able to assist you further. Call +31 70 311 4909.

    You are responsible for planning the correct Corona test for your specific trip.

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